Saturday, September 12, 2015

Knocked Down AGAIN!

You’re in the fight of your life. We all are. It’s what we do in that fight that determines what we are made of. Some are physically fighting for their life and others mentally. So the question is: Will this fight knock you out? Will this fight make you bitter? Or will this fight strengthen you and bring you back with greater faith, greater compassion, and greater love?

You see, we all face challenges in life, some of us more than others, and for some much greater challenges than others. No, it’s not fair! Life is not fair! Look around and you will find people who seem to glide through life with hardly any bumps in their road. But I guarantee, if you look hard enough, you will also find others facing even greater challenges than you.

God never told us that we wouldn’t face challenges. In fact, He guarantees us that in this world we WILL have trouble (John 16:33) but God also said that when we walk through the fire, He will be with us, and we will not get burned (Isaiah 43:2).

I believe that we have complete control over how we react to life's challenges. Will we get knocked out? Become bitter? Cease living a productive life? Or will we come out stronger than ever?

I just went through yet another round of battles in my life. If you know me at all, you know I’ve had my share. Go to and you can read about the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my life and how I overcame. However, just recently I battled another round. Sometimes I wonder how much one can take. I’m sure some of you wonder the same.

One thing I do know: God is good and He has a plan for your life even when you don't understand it. You see He sees the big picture and we see only a small piece in front of us. God will take all the broken pieces and make a beautiful masterpiece if we allow him.

You’ve heard the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

Some will throw out the lemons, 

Some will become bitter from the taste, and 

Others will add some sweetness, refresh their thirst, put up a lemonade stand and share with others.

Which one are you?

I have to admit sometimes I’ve wanted to toss out the lemons. There have been days I’ve allowed the bitter taste to get to me. But ultimately, through prayer and determination, I am going to make the best damn lemonade you’ve ever tasted! I’m determined to come out of this stronger and wiser! What will you do with your lemons? 

I encourage you to make it your mission to create your own unique lemonade cocktail. If we can let go and allow God, He can turn our sour lemons into a sweet tasting aroma! Don't let your lemons turn you sour. The world needs your flavor!

Nancy Rose is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who has spent her life studying nutrition, health, fitness, and the word of God in order to heal her own body physically and mentally.  She is a speaker who wants to share her life’s journey in hopes of helping others find true health as she has.  She offers Nutrition Seminars on Metabolism, Hormone Balance, Mental Health, Digestion, and Detoxification. To contact Nancy for more information on her services go to

Nancy’s Story to Healing

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