Friday, September 11, 2015

Gratitude + Attitude = your Altitude of Success

Carolyn Finch

I saw her drop her pen on the floor and then curse at herself as she picked it up and slammed it on the desk. That created a block in her day, yet she didn’t realize that it was a huge addition to her stress-ratio.
Stress-ratio is something used in manufacturing to determine the minimum amount of stress usually on a piece of metal as it relates to maximum amount of stress and fatigue. I do believe that we as human beings need to look at ourselves from a stress-ratio point of view.  We can become sick, injured and diseased and no longer be capable of several human functions. And if we couple this with the fact that stress is a mild form of fear in humans, you will see why so many people are going from minimum stress to maximum stress and then fatigue.

Sally dropped her pen and was afraid that someone might be noticing her and probably thought they would think of her as being sloppy or disorganized by knocking the pen off her desk and then having to lean down or get off her chair to pick it up. Thus she added stress to her stress-ratio. Therefore she will be fatigued at the end of the day from all the little fears that have been built up.

How can Sally handle the dropping of the pen to reduce her stress-ratio so there is a better outcome? She can make her “pen pickup” into a gratitude movement. As she leans over she can say to herself quietly, I am grateful that I can bend over and get that pen. This will make her feel better about herself, not add to her stress-ratio thus minimizing her fatigue later in the day.
What are you doing to minimize your stress-ratio? Are you remembering to show gratitude and be grateful for what you are capable of doing and the movements you can make? If not here is your opportunity to start your gratitude movements now. Be graceful and grateful. Your gratitude plus your attitude will determine your altitude of success.

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  1. I love that this post is written with succinct and easy to understand points. Why not see the bright side of everything that's going on? What do you have to lose except perhaps some frustration, negative thoughts and a bad day? I love it Carolyn!