Friday, September 25, 2015

60 Years of Marriage.

Dear Fellow Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Guests,

I'm proud to announce that on October 1, 2015, my parents will be married for 60 years. That is quite an incredible achievement. I consider them a match made in heaven. I was able to experience 55 years of their 60 years of marriage. What I saw, was a lot of respect for each other. Very rarely through the years did I ever see them fight. They always had each other's back even in times where I'm sure one could've turned on the other. They held their ground and backed each other up when was needed. If someone were to ask me what was one of the key traits that produced a strong 60 year marriage? I would say, respect. I also believe there are two other traits, loyalty and very hard work. We were a Middle American Family that had a nice house, great yard and great neighbors. I consider myself very blessed in my life to have spent my youth in that house and witness these traits first hand. I've been able to take these principles and traits that I witnessed and carry them forward into my life. Both of my parents taught me the value of very hard work. I had up to 3 paper routes by the time I was 8. There were times for my father where he had three jobs and my mother two jobs. I remember the times when we didn't have my mom on Christmas morning because of her work commitment with her employer to be there to cover for the holiday. Even though there were many years of hard work and sacrifice I never heard foul words ever exchanged by them. I know they are human and have argued like we all do. But, very rarely.
They have always taken great pleasure in always helping those who were in need or hurting. By trying to help financially or a platter of my mom’s favorite meals. For me, that would solve any problem, especially the corned beef and cabbage.

They took sacrifice with grace. They always stated to me and my brother, that "the sun is always shining at the end of the tunnel, you just need to make your way through the tunnel". And I find that's one of the key success phrases I always carry with me. Sometimes life is not an easy trip for most of us. We will experience our peaks and valleys. No one is immune from this. But married couples have the choice on how they treat each other through the tough times. I mentioned the number one key traits to a successful marriage was respect. And trust me, if my brother  or I gave my Mother a across eyed look or if we gave her some bad attitude, I had my father immediately in my face or in my brother's face to straighten us up. Keep in mind, I grew up with the discipline of the 1960's. You never crossed the line of respect in my household. The discipline of being respectful has stayed with me throughout my life. I was brought up with the fact that respect isn't an option, it is a duty.When I speak to groups I always share with them how important environment is to one's success. The environments that you dwell in over a period of time will reflect who you are as a person over time. Always be careful of the environments you hang out in. These environments will determine your direction and outcome in life.

In recent years, both of my parents have experienced health issues, each of them has always stayed at each other side until the health issue has pasted. Their loyalty and commitment for each other is still  very strong after 60 years. I believe this short story is a lesson for all newlywed couples of today. With the divorce rate of at least 50%, the line of respect, loyalty, care and regard must be breaking down between husband and wife. I always hear that marriage is a 50-50 partnership. I disagree with that. Marriage is 100-100 partnership! There will be times when one of the partners won’t be able to carry their weight. That is when the other partner has to step in at 100%. That is the true bond of marriage, it is the bond of friendship and it is the bond for great success in business.

Be well and stay safe.


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