Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is Your Leadership Score?

How often do you think about the skills and abilities that make you an effective leader and team member? How often do you assess what you do well, and where you could use additional development or a refresher?

Interacting with others effectively and efficiently is based on technique, experience, personal styles and temperament.   What are your strengths? What are your areas for development?

Rate yourself:  5=Always; 4=Often; 3=Sometimes; 2=Seldom; 1=Never​
1.   I am committed to developing my staff, realizing it builds bench strength, grows the bottom line, reduces attrition, and overall makes the company stronger.   
2.   I address non-productive behaviors in a respectful way and still hold people accountable.

3.   I take time to focus on the bigger picture, not just day-to-day priorities.

4.   I am inspired and energized while at work, and know how I contribute to the bottom line.

5.   I clearly communicate my point of view/perspectives, and feel I am listened to (not necessarily agreed with).
6.   I have an open mind and don't get stuck on how things used to be, versus how they "could" be.  

7.   I listen to opposing viewpoints and take time to process and reflect on them.

8.   I look for the best possible outcome and keep from blaming even when a mistake was made.

9.   I am "self-aware".  I understand my strengths and my areas requiring development, and leverage my strengths to support the attainment of goals.  

10. I accept responsibility for my mistakes.

Did you give yourself 1, 2, or 3?  Think about learning more about leadership.  A strong leader can increase production and profits.  4 and above?  You’re on the right path to effective leadership!

If we asked others in your organization to rate you, would their scores be higher or lower?  These questions are a few used in a “360 Leadership Feedback Survey” as part of the initial phase my coaching program.  It can be both revealing and affirming. It's a great place to start the coaching process.

I am Ann Meacham, president of Leadership Dynamics.  Check out my Coaching Program  Dynamic Leader Program on my website or email me  ann@leadyourteams.com to talk about a sample coaching session

It's an exciting approach to a better way of doing things!



  1. All very good points, Ann. The 360 evaluation is especially helpful, when done correctly.