Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Easy Way for Professional Speakers to Explode Referrals from Each Speaking Gig!

My speech was over and audience members were filing out of the room.

Over 100 people had just experienced my signature keynote on The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins.

One woman, with her business card and a completed feedback form in hand came up to speak with me.

She said “your topic is something we need at our company and I’d like to see about bringing you in for a program. Of course, I have to authority to that." Of course.

That’s always the good news/bad news of some of the people in audiences.

They loved the experience of what they just heard and have absolutely no hiring authority.

It didn’t matter, really, because the second best reference for me to get other speaking gigs is that person who was so inspired by my message.  They are ready, willing, and able to introduce me to the person with the authority.

We’ll be speaking next week.

Now that was one percent of my audience actively came up to me with an opportunity.

I’d have to speak to a lot of audiences to build my speaking business at those rates.

The other good news is I have a process to improve those percentages.

All audience members are incentivized to submit  my “feedback form.” And, this feedback form doubles as a lead magnet in two ways:

1.     There is a box that reads “I am interested in more information about having Skip present a similar program to a company/organization with which I am involved.”

2.     There is a space for attendees to submit a question they have that they didn’t have an opportunity to ask during the session.

Historically, about 5% of the audience will check the box for more information on having me speak somewhere else.

And, secondly about 10% will submit questions they’d like my help with for situations they’re dealing with in “real-time.” These questions allow me an opportunity to engage with them via email and can lead easily to other opportunities.

In an audience of 100, where one will come up to speak with me about referring me in, the two other feedback form strategies raise that number of potential business opportunities 16 (5 from the check-off box and 10 from the question submission).

The moral of the story is to always have some way for session attendees to request more information from you. And, make it easy for them to do so.

My incentive to submit the feedback form is typically three or four free digital gifts related to the session. About 30-40% of the audience will request those free gifts and they need to provide their contact information to get it.

If you would like a sample of one of the feedback forms I use email me at

 Skip Weisman is The Workplace Communication Expert and a member of an elite group of international World Class Speaking Coaches.

Skip works with aspiring speakers to improve their presentation skills and programs around content, organization and delivery, while also working with the owners and CEOs of small businesses with between 6-60 employees to improve communication in the workplace.

The work Skip does with his small business clients can transform work environments in as little as 90-days to create a championhip company cultures that are more positive, more productive and even more profitable.

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  1. This is a necessary and welcome reminder for speakers who sometimes forget to keep the momentum going. Your suggestions are great ways to stay top-of-mind with your audience and invite more business opportunities.

    1. Thanks, Jeannie, glad you liked my post and found it helpful.