Thursday, February 18, 2016

Less is more. I’d been confused by that statement on more than one occasion. Every time I think I really do ‘get it’ another opportunity comes along so that I can ‘get it’ at a more significant level. This has a lot of meaning to a lot of different people. I have a friend that contemplates her own mortality now that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and had procedures. To her it means having less stuff to keep, clean, care for and moving of said stuff which equals more living to be had.

Wiki tells me that simplicity is preferable to complexity. I myself have found that often too many words complicate a description or explanation. Fewer words equal more understanding or at the least less chance for confusion. I’ve also seen it used to describe interior decoration and architecture design. Less clutter equals more aesthetically pleasing rooms and lines. Less time equals more focus. Less restriction equals more freedom. What does it mean to you?

In which ways could you change things in your life from less to more? Would you use fewer words? Would you unclutter your space? Perhaps you would pass on some of your belongings. What would you have less of and how would that produce more for you?

I’d love to engage with you on this subject. Please add to the comments or reach out to me personally through my website.

Lucinda Smith
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  1. Thought provoking post. Funny how our belongings can hold us captive.

    1. Yes Jeannie, most certainly. I even took this to other levels as well like less stress is more relaxation, less sugars lead to more health, less need to be right is more harmony and understanding of one another and so on. It really isn't just about our belongings. It also relates to lack mentality I think. A not so idea in the coaching field is about having fewer clients, the kind that are a perfect fit for your style of coaching, the kind of client that will really flourish under your tutelage and do. It is said that because of the value gained by these clients for the for reasons previously mentioned that rates charged should be according to value gained. There are a whole lot of less is more in that example. Every single one of them is a winner! Do you have a personal less is more story?