Friday, October 30, 2015

Inspirational Sports Leadership: BORN TO LEAD:JIM CALHOUN

As a Strategist/Consultant/Writer/and Producer, I create compelling content and ideas which transform the way people see and react to the world.  I have been recognized for award winning ideas, leadership strategy, consulting and entrepreneurship capabilities.  Recognized for quality of business development, innovative creations/solutions and risk/reward assessment successes, I have written and implemented creative ideas across print, digital and broadcast platforms. 

Most recently I co-executive produced a film, the first in a series on leaders titled BORN TO LEAD: JIM CALHOUN about the recently retired and sometimes controversial UCONN Men’s Basketball Coach. This inspirational film champions themes of discipline, underdog determination and the never ending quest for greatness.

Information as to the film’s screenings and on-line viewing are available at

Lauren (L.C.) Cragg

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