Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hat Etiquette - A Modern Guide for Wearing


Fall..the beautiful time of year when we trade our summer clothing for fuzzy sweaters, long pants, coats and hats.  Hats are a wonderful way to accomplish several things..keeping your head warm or making a statement whether it be fashion or a fan of a team.  Regardless of the reason for your hat a few etiquette guidelines have been established and should be adhered to.

Men's Hats                                                                    

Hats should be free of rips and stains

Removed inside of a persons home, restaurant or venue
(exception being a baseball cap worn at a stadium or game venue)

Removed for National Anthem with outside of cap facing outward

Knit winter hats follow the same

Women's Hats

Fancy hats worn as a fashion statement or part of an outfit are acceptable inside of buildings and religious venues and restaurants.

Baseball caps follow the same rules as men - and must be removed accordingly.

While the rules seem pretty standard and clear, society has become extremely lax in the  acceptance of the wear and use of hats.  It is sign of respect and honor to remove your hat for the signing or playing of the national anthem and as such, it should be a sign of respect to remove your baseball or knit cap when dining in a restaurant venue.

So, as the colder weather creeps in ever so quickly...gather your hat collection and wear them proudly, but appropriately as a sign of respect to others.

Karen A. Thomas

Certified Etiquette Coach

(860) 387-1282




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