Saturday, October 24, 2015

An Investment That Guarantees a 25% Rate of Return!

In these trying financial times, many of us are looking for investments that provide a high rate of return. What if I told you about an investment that would guarantee a 25% rate of return, with little to no risk? Is this something that you would take advantage of?

The investment that I am going to tell you about is one that you know very well, you are quite confident in and it provides you with the highest level of trust. That investment is you! If you sell a product or service the n  you are constantly looking for ways to increase your bottom line. How can you market your product or service to generate more business to increase your income? The answer is relatively simple. The solution is to invest in yourself.
As I publish this blog post, I am attending a legal marketing summit in Alexandria ,  Virginia where I will be receiving training from some of the best legal marketing experts in the country. I am also taking one of my paralegals with me so that the two of us can absorb the information and then discuss what might work best in our office. We will be joined by attorneys across the country who are all interested in bettering their personal situation by generating more business for their office and becoming better marketers. What better use of your time, energy and money could you utilize than by spending it with industry experts and peers from across the country who are coming together to increase their specialized knowledge  so  each person can use to generate greater levels of income?

Although I am a personal injury lawyer and this is a legal marketing summit, there are workshops and seminars that apply to almost every service or product category out there. When was the last time you researched where you can learn about the latest and greatest industry secrets, tips and techniques that are being utilized by your competitors to gain an advantage over you and others similarly situated? Why are you not seeking out these opportunities and taking advantage of them?

 I expect that the money that I am investing in this summit will pay dividends that will greatly exceed the money I spent by a multiplier of at least 50 in just the first year alone.  I will learn from the contacts I meet what is working for them in their market area, what others are using and what other methodologies are being utilized in their marketplace that can assist me in my marketing efforts.

Is always a good idea to surround yourself with people that know more about a particular subject than you do as this is the way we learn, this is the way we grow, and this is the way that we become better at what we do. It has been said that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the five people that the individual interacts with the most. Why not interact with those that are highly motivated, that possess highly specialized knowledge, and that are willing to learn and share with others?

Your competitors are currently looking for ways to take business from you. Your competitors are attending seminars, conferences and summits to learn the tips and techniques that they can utilize to acquire more clients or customers to the exclusion of their competitors. Why not be proactive and take the needed steps to gain a competitive advantage over those in your market area? If you invested a total of $5,000 in specialized learning that is particular to your area of practice or industry then how could you not earn an additional $1,250 from the investment that you what made in this learning process .  My observation is that it would be impossible! So why would you not invest in yourself?

Find out what seminars, conferences or summits you can attend to increase your bottom line and gain an advantage over your competition. Research what programs are out there and immediately sign up for one that will provide you with specialized knowledge. The sooner you engage in this process the sooner you will begin to see large  rates of return on the investment that you're making. GUARANTEED!

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