Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Breath of Fresh Air

It is Springtime! Time to roll down your windows on the car and breath fresh air.. Oh you say you have allergies and the pollen bothers you or maybe it's the dust or the exhaust. Enough is enough. Perhaps it's time for you to understand allergies but most of all your lungs. Go ahead right NOW, stop and put both your hands on top of your lungs. I know. I know you can't put your hands on your lungs only a doctor in surgery can do that. You see your lungs are protected by your ribs and muscles, then layers of tissue and skin. And if you do not breath you die! However, seldom does anyone think about their lungs. I had a great nephew with a disease called Cystic Fibrosis. This can be life-threatening but today can be treated in many ways even lung transplants. Isn't that amazing? This is a disease that may have mucus that is too think and sweat that is too salty. If the mucus is think it clogs the lungs and it is hard to breath. It can also block the pancreas which is used in the process of digestion.

Most people become aware of their lungs after they have climbed the stairs and then stood still holding on to something because they are short of breath. Shortness of breath and allergies are part of many diseases so these symptoms are "red flags." In other words what is your body telling you when you have shortness of breath? Chances are it is saying exercise, exercise, get fresh air, learn to breath, cut down on the mucus from foods that create acid and mucus within your body, loose weight and most of all drink more water.

We as a society have never been taught the symptoms of our body that contribute to disease so I will enlighten you NOW. It has been said that allergies are inherited. Yes that is possible. As a child I couldn't stand wool clothing and my body itched like mad, I always seemed to have swollen glands which appeared to tell me I was having mumps for the tenth time. As an adult I too sneezed way too much and my eyes teared. I had allergy treatments and lived on a medication as needed. What I hadn't learned was to drink lots of water and exercise more and get fresh air. Once I did this on a regular basis I realized that the body needs to replace water always for the organs to function properly. I haven't had allergies since. The lungs need 11-12 ounces of water a day merely so they are capable of functioning. The mucus from foods also creates some allergies.......... I will address that next month so stay tuned. Meanwhile go to Nutrition Monday/Facebook for LifeStyle information. Until then keep breathing and drinking water daily. Half your weight in ounces daily to maintain to function.

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