Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Start with Why part 2

 Last month I introduced you to Simon Sinek, his book, Start with Why, and The Golden Circle. This month let me help you better understand The Golden Circle. Picture The Golden Circle as three circles or rings inside each other, each bigger than the next or maybe smaller than the next depending in which direction you are going. The smallest ring or circle is the bull’s eye just like on a dart board. Can you picture it? Good. Dead center, the bully’s eye, is our WHY. We can all see that the bull’s eye is the smallest circle or ring and thus it would be the hardest to hit, right? The WHY that resides in there is also the hardest for us all to hit as evidence by very few companies or people being able to clearly articulate WHY they do what they do. This area is the ultimate test, as well as the area that will bring the greatest success if we master how to hit it.
            The next biggest circle or ring after the WHY is the HOW. This one is easier to hit than the bull’s eye WHY because it’s a bigger target. More people innately better understand how they do the things they do. More people understand HOW they do what they do than people who understand WHY they do what they do.
            The final big outside ring or circle is the WHAT area. Obviously one can see this is the biggest area. We all intuitively understand that this is the easiest area to hit because it’s the biggest. In this area of WHAT usually every single company and organization on the planet knows what they do. Most of us individuals know what we do too? Some however are better at knowing HOW to do it; thus, they are a little more successful than the WHATS. And remember even fewer of us in The Golden Circle know WHY we do what we do, and thus this is the smallest and the most successful group up according to Sinek.

            Next month I will explain how biology plays a big part in The Golden Circle and our WHY.
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  1. I was just recommending this book last week :) So glad to see it shared more here.

  2. Knowing the WHY is so critical for success.Great article Dan.