Wednesday, June 15, 2016


“If you don’t know where you are going, then you can waste a lot of time not getting there.”  I don’t remember where I heard this quote, but it captures the disconnect and lack of focus prevalent in many companies today.  Oftentimes, your senior leadership team believes they are aligned on vision and strategic goals because they can name the top 5 results the company is striving to achieve.   For example, “to increase productivity”; however, when pressed for specific numbers, oftentimes, the leadership team in not aligned.  This is because different goals may be set for minimal performance (3%), actual desired performance (5%), and stretch performance (7%).  When your senior leadership team is asked for a specific number, they may give any one of those three percentages.

When there is disagreement within your senior management team, then that will translate to confusion among your leaders and front-line employees alike, resulting in difficulty in setting individual and team goals.  Your employees may not understand the goals assigned to them or the point of managerial decisions. This lack of understanding demotivates employees and leads to a lack of investment in outcomes or your overall company, which makes it difficult to reach even your minimal performance goal.  It is better to set your actual desired performance target (5%) and clearly communicate it to ALL employees, so everyone is on the same page and working toward your desired outcome.

It is critical to understand where you are going as a company, the outcomes you wish to achieve and what the outcome will look like for your company.  Paint a picture of success.  Communicate your vision to your employees along with why they should care and how they can assist to bring about the outcome.

How do you get employees to buy-in and to care?  First and foremost, by respecting your employees.  Believe in them.  Your employees want a say in how the organization is run and have great ideas about how to achieve the outcomes you are trying to achieve.  Front line employees know first-hand how your company operates.  They are the foundation of your company, let them support you.

Secondly, it is critical for employees not only to understand their own role, but the role of the entire organization, including its vision and mission.  When employees know what the outcomes are, their role in achieving them and how they can successfully contribute to those outcomes, they feel valued.  When employees feel their contributions are valued, it is easier to agree with change and they become motivated and invested in your outcomes and your company.

One final point, encourage innovative thinking and risk taking.  If your employees believe they will be punished for making mistakes, then they will not come forward with great ideas that support your outcomes.  Treat mistakes as learning opportunities.  If punished, your employees will protect their own interests, follow their own agenda, and will maintain the status quo – resulting in the same results day in and day out.
Idea Share of the Month!
Management not only changes behavior by their actions, but by their inactions as well.

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