Monday, January 18, 2016

The Domino Effect
     Have you ever just had a terrible, rotten, horrible, no good day? Those days are the ones when nothing goes right. Your feet have inexplicably hit the floor on the proverbial wrong side of the bed. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Sometimes these days will stack up on top of one another and work their way towards a week, a week from hell. We’ve all heard of them. You might have even known someone that talks about the year when everything went wrong! Of course we also have Murphy’s Law!

What if you could do something about it? Would you? Many times people get comfortable in their ‘ruts’ and even though there is a way out they seem to be comfortable in this place of misery. I’ve certainly heard people declare, “I’ll be like this for a few days and it’ll work itself out of my system.” Really? Who volunteers for avoidable unhappiness? It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Now that we’ve settled that lets move onto resolution.

There are things you can do to change your perspective on what appears to be happening to you in your life. If you are willing to give it your all you will reap the benefits. Just like those terrible, rotten, horrible, no good days, the good, wonderful, awesome and fabulous days will also begin to domino effect.

Did you know that making an emotional face or suppressing one, influences your feelings? Smiling, even just by clamping down on a pen triggers the brain, which in turn releases the good feeling endorphins, which then impacts thoughts. What a force of nature you are!

I don’t suggest that you ignore or pretend that everything is amazingly wonderful. However, I do want to share that when things happen we can experience them and let them go rather than re-experiencing them over and over again by instant replay in the brain, as is the way many people respond to negative situations.

The actual event is only temporary and when you acknowledge that and move on from it the door is opened for the next experience to arrive. One of my favorite tricks is to ask myself positive end questions such as, ‘What gift does this experience hold for me?’ It may seem clichéd but it works when you keep asking theses types of questions. What good may come doesn’t show up, as readily when you’re asking ‘How much worse can it get’ and even if it did you wouldn’t likely see it for what it truly is.

The domino effect will work one-way or another. The great news is, you get to choose which direction you go in!

Lucinda Smith
SOULutions 4 Living
Speaker and Coach


  1. So true!Why not choose the positive?

  2. You are the product of your thoughts so make them EXCEPTIONAL !