Sunday, January 10, 2016

People Hardly Invested....

Did you know your employees have great ideas that could be saving your company thousands and thousands of dollars, but may not come forward out of fear or lack of trust? In order to achieve sustained competitive advantage, you employees must be engaged and invested in company outcomes.  For employees to be engaged and invested, there must be bi-directional trust between management and employees at all levels of your company.

For example, management introduces a new process and Jack knows a better, more efficient way.  Jack is not about to open his mouth and rock the boat out of fear of retribution.  Or worse yet, what if he looks foolish in front of his peers?  It is safer to stay quiet so he does.  The cost to your organization may be a brilliant idea that saves time and money, streamlines efficiencies or that improves customer service – which is lost forever in that moment.

An employee idea management system can help to bring transparency to people and systems problems.  People do not operate in a vacuum, and should be involved in the planning stages from the outset to prevent confusion and rework.  As in the example with Jack above – Jack could clearly see from the very start, that the new process would not work as he is the one performing the work and actively engaged with customers, suppliers, systems and processes on a daily basis.  If management had brought Jack into the goal setting and planning process – problematic issues would be identified up front and alternate solutions found – ones that Jack and his colleagues would buy into as well.

Idea Share Tip of the Month!

Your employees see 80 percent of all improvements that management can’t see.  However, most companies neglect the vast potential in the untapped ideas of their employees who know their job best. 

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  1. And so often it takes the perspective of a consultant to see what those inside the company miss.