Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Do You Rate on Employee Morale?

The effect that low employee morale can have on your company can be devastating and should not be taken lightly. The command and control stance that is common to many companies suggests that employees listen to their manager without questioning them. So managers spend the majority of their time delegating and seldom take the time to listen to their employees.

Morale is what drives your company to reach its goals or what adds to employee disengagement that results in lower performance and productivity, increased absenteeism, increased conflicts and higher employee turnover.  Often your employees leave their jobs because they are unhappy with their boss, do not feel valued or they do not feel involved or challenged in their day to day work.  If your employees do not feel valued, they do not put forth their best efforts for your company.  Conversely, when employees are engaged in their jobs, they take pride in their work and actively seek out best practices to reach your goals.   Employees show a willingness to go the extra mile by taking on a more active role, in communicating their ideas with their co-workers and managers as they like feeling like they are a part of the solution and ultimate success of the company.

Once low morale has taken hold in your culture, it can be tough to get rid of.  This occurs regardless of your company’s latest cutting edge technology or the intentions of your management team.  If your employees lack motivation, your company cannot be at its best.  To build up employee morale it is important to have a climate of trust.  This can be accomplished through the consistent actions of management in doing as they say they are going to do. Management needs to open minded and accessible.  Secondly, your communications must have a clear meaning that allows your employees to openly talk about the issues that they encounter by openly discussing and asking questions regarding company messages.  Challenge your employees by giving them an opportunity to grow and learn new things and recognizing their achievements.  You can drive morale and accountability by capturing and implementing the ideas of your employees.  This will emphasize that they are heard and valued.  Holding weekly meetings with your employees and showing the impact of implemented ideas and employee accomplishments will further strengthen morale.

Your employees are your most valued asset and once they believe that you value their unique talents and contributions, they will drive your organization forward.

Idea Share of the Month!
As employees come together to discuss and implement ideas; they learn about one another’s strengths and weaknesses and communicate like never before – with the added benefit that each employee becomes a resource to others based on their expertise.  Turn everyone into a go to person!

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